In Conversation With … Victoria Gosling OBE, Chief Executive of GB Snowsport.

Janet Milner-Walker, the founder of beauty brand management company Bespoke Advantage, talks Skin Health on the slopes with Victoria Gosling OBE, Chief Executive of GB Snowsport.

Janet Milner-Walker has worked up close and personal with many beauty brands and founders over the years, developing and launching innovative products. Her knowledge of the industry is based on years of experience. Victoria Gosling OBE is the Chief Executive of GB Snowsport and is heading up the Olympic Winter Sports, with travel being a huge part of her work life, her skincare routine has been tried, tested, and perfected. For both women beauty, health and wellbeing are an integral part of their lives – but for different reasons.

Janet has over twenty years’ experience in the beauty industry developing and launching products and brands for companies based internationally including Marks & Spencer, Harvey Nichols (Dubai), Crabtree & Evelyn, Boots and Body Shop. She is a speaker, she writes for several publications on the topics of beauty and wellness, and since founding Bespoke Advantage in 2017, she has become a leading authority in the world of beauty and wellness, helping brands to shine. As a brand management company, Bespoke Advantage draw upon strategic insights, creative thinking, commerciality, and years of experience in strategy, branding, product development, marketing, and sales to help their clients to develop and launch brands, with her team working closely with each client to help them to bring their ideas to life.

Victoria Gosling OBE is a passionate sportswoman who dedicates her time to promoting sport across sectors. She is currently Chief Executive for GB Snowsport, Board member for the British Olympic Association and Chair of Rugby Centurions. In addition, Victoria is a newspaper reviewer for the BBC and a motivational speaker for Inspiring Women. She has an outstanding career that spans many achievements, including being the Chief Executive for Invictus Games 2016 in Orlando and the Military Project Lead for the first Invictus Games (London 2014) inspiring 14 nations and over 400 athletes to compete. She has completed 21 years’ service within the Royal Air Force culminating with the prestigious rank of Group Captain and she has served on numerous deployments around the world.

In addition to her professional achievements, Victoria is mother to three young children and leads an active lifestyle that includes tennis and golf, meaning she knows the importance of skin health. Janet discusses how to achieve skin happiness with Victoria, when you’ve not only experiencing extreme climates as a winter sports athlete, but also leading a busy and active lifestyle.

Tell us a little bit about your career, you were with the RAF for 21 years?

Yes, I was a linguist and I really enjoyed sport. I felt most comfortable when operating within teams, and I also had a fascination with helicopters!

What are your top tips for those considering a career in the military forces?

It is important to be super fit, to have a great attitude and be prepared to put the service of others above your needs.

Being in the military, may require you to put your life on the line. How did you feel about that?

Yes, but this doesn’t happen every day – the military are incredible at training you to have the right mindset and the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at you.

You played a key part in the rise of the Invictus Games, what are your fondest memories of this?

The athletes – allowing them to put their uniforms back on to compete for their country in a team environment. Watching a triple amputee swim 200 meters in a London Aquatic Centre was inspirational!

For someone who spends a lot of time outdoors – in extreme climates – how do you manage your skin care regime?

Well, I do follow my three simple steps of cleanse, tone and moisturise. One of the biggest challenges when exposed to cold climates, is dry and dehydrated skin. When you are travelling between extreme climates (both hot and cold) your skin is constantly exposed to the elements, so it is key to protect it.

Are there any skincare tricks of the trade you have learnt during your career?

Moisturising top to toe is essential to protecting your skin, and to keep it looking young. I am in love with a new skincare range – Balance Me.

Do you use SPF? If so, what do you recommend?

SPF is an essential to my regime and I always use SPF30 – from Balance Me.

What do you not leave the house without? And what is your go-to product?

My Balance Me Moisturiser – I love this – and I prefer a natural look, so it is a curly blow-dry, and natural make-up. Less is more.

What is your favourite way of spending some ‘me’ time?

I love keeping fit, and spending time with my three wonderful (most of the time!) children and husband.

Who is your beauty icon?

It must be Jennifer Aniston – she always looks amazing!